If you require surgery to repair the damage done by periodontal disease, it is essential to understand your gum disease treatment options and learn the differences between traditional gum surgery and laser surgery.

Traditional surgery typically involves scalpels and sutures. During a traditional gum surgery procedure, the periodontist uses a scalpel to enhance visibility of the gum tissue, clean the pocket, and decrease the pocket depth by cutting away the tissue. The periodontist will often need to use gum grafting in order to successfully reattach the gum tissue to the tooth’s root exterior. While traditional gum disease treatment may be necessary in some cases, most patients today choose the alternative: laser gum surgery.

Unlike traditional surgery, the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure does not require scalpels or sutures. Because laser surgery is a minimally invasive gum disease treatment, patients experience little to no pain or discomfort. The PerioLase® MVP-7™ used in LANAP® employs cutting-edge technology that has truly transformed the way dental professionals manage gum disease today. The laser’s ability to detect the difference between healthy and diseased tissue allows a periodontist to remove bacteria from the gums without cutting, damaging, or removing healthy tissue.

Key differences between traditional gum surgery and LANAP® include pain and healing time. Both are dramatically reduced with laser gum surgery because the procedure is inherently less invasive than scalpel surgery. Since no cutting or stitching takes place, patients experience little to no pain or discomfort during a LANAP® procedure and require much less time to heal. Moreover, patients who choose LANAP® for their gum disease treatment will be able to return to work and continue on with their day immediately after the procedure, which is rarely the case with traditional surgery.

Advanced Dental Arts are pleased to offer a LANAP® certified periodontist in our Arvada office who can help you decide if laser gum surgery is the right gum disease treatment for you.

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