“Our patient Tony presented with a complex cosmetic problem. He was assaulted many years ago and had his two front teeth broken. One of the teeth fractured and was no longer fixable and needed to be removed; unfortunately, he had lost most of the supporting bone around that tooth. We are very fortunate to have one of the best oral surgeons in Colorado down the street, and over many months he was able to grow the bone back, enabling us to replace the tooth with a dental implant. With the help of one of the best cosmetic Dental Labs in Colorado, we gave Tony his smile back. When you have a complex problem, it’s great to have a team approach with decades of experience.”



Restorative dentistry has renewed hope for many who felt that they would never have a beautiful, healthy smile. Our advanced dental implant procedures provide the best way for our patients to replace one or more missing teeth permanently and with completely natural-looking results.

We offer all of the latest in implant dental treatments, including implant supported dental bridges and crowns. Thanks to advances in modern implant dentistry, everyone can now have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Implant-supported Dental Crowns

Dr. Randy Simon uses implant supported dental crowns when a patient breaks or loses a tooth. Dr. Randy Simon usually affixes a dental crown to the remnant of a patient’s tooth. However, occasionally a patient loses the entire tooth and root. When this occurs, Dr. Randy Simon can use a titanium dental implant to replace the root and anchor a replacement tooth to the jawbone. The result is a strongly rooted dental crown indistinguishable from surrounding teeth. And because the implant integrates with natural bone structure, it protects against bone loss that could occur if the tooth were not replaced. Implant dental crowns offer our patients truly permanent, natural-looking tooth replacement.

Implant Supported Dental Bridges

We are proud to offer implant-supported dental bridges at our practice for patients who cannot have traditional bridges for lack of natural anchor teeth. The titanium roots of an implant bridge provide freestanding support for the bridge and integrate with the jaw to prevent bone and gum loss for better dental health. Implant bridges available from our Westminster dentist bestow the confidence to smile broadly and eat without worry because the bridge looks and functions just like natural teeth.

To learn more about all our implant options, including dental crowns and dental bridges, contact us today.

Implants for Front Teeth

Front, or anterior, teeth replacement can be particularly difficult from a cosmetic standpoint because the front teeth are the most prominent part of a smile. In helping patients throughout Arvada and Westminster, our implant dentist has had great success in replacing front teeth using implants. He carefully crafts the porcelain portion of the implant to appropriate size, shape, and color so that the implant replacement looks completely natural. The titanium root of the implant acts like a natural root to preserve gum and bone tissue and keep the essential anterior part of your mouth structurally sound.

Serving the north Denver area, the team at Advanced Dental Arts has the advanced skills necessary to give you the permanent, natural looking and feeling results you deserve with progressive dental implants. Contact our office today to learn more about how dental implants can effectively replace missing teeth for a beautiful smile.

H. Paul Cohen, Esq.

“I actually believe that if you value your time or your teeth, then Dr. Simon is without a doubt the biggest professional service bargain in the entire metro Denver area.”

Eileen Sacco

“It has been five years since Randy performed their magic on me. I have never regretted the decision and I am still thrilled with the results.”

Olivia Blair

“Dr. Simon at Advanced Dental Arts is, by far, the best dentist I have ever been to. I used to avoid going to the dentist, and only went when I had a problem, but Dr. Simon made me feel so comfortable that now I go even when I am not in pain.”

Linda Aiken

“Dr. Simon's professional knowledge, his concern for his patients, and the group of dental professionals he works with, all make me confident that anyone choosing him will be making the right decision.”

Howard J. Pollack

“ You truly did an amazing job and words alone cannot express our gratitude.”

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