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25 years' experience in the Arvada area

We’re the Arvada dental practice with the genuinely personal approach.

Many Denver dental practices are too large and impersonal and lack the human touch. What makes us different? We’ll give you truly outstanding results. We’ll never break your budget. And our Arvada dentists always treat you like a friend.

Our Promise

As our patient, you can always count on the following.

We’ll listen very carefully. We take the time to ask the right questions, and we pay close attention to your answers. That way, we’re able to understand your oral health situation as well as your personal needs and preferences. Your valued input allows us to craft an appropriate solution for your needs – both clinically and financially.

We’ll restore you to a full state of health. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve visited a dentist. Or, maybe the day comes when you experience tooth pain requiring immediate treatment. Regardless of your current situation, we’ll make sure you leave with a healthy smile, achieved with an affordable and appropriate solution.

Our Commitment to you

We’ll enable you to smile with confidence.

You have the right to feel proud when you smile. We’ll apply our expertise and guidance not only to achieve the smile you desire, but to maintain it.

We’re predictable. When you’re our patient, you’ll never have unpleasant surprises. Whether it regards a procedure, an expectation of comfort or a payment issue, you’ll always know what to expect. That’s because we take the time to know you, and communicate the things that are important.

Our solutions will always be affordable and appropriate for you. Particularly when it comes to cosmetic procedures, some solutions inevitably cost more than others. However, in Dr. Simon’s two decades of experience, there is always a solution that is ideal for your situation, your preferences and your budget – and that you’ll be happy with.

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H. Paul Cohen, Esq.

“I actually believe that if you value your time or your teeth, then Dr. Simon is without a doubt the biggest professional service bargain in the entire metro Denver area.”

Eileen Sacco

“It has been five years since Randy performed their magic on me. I have never regretted the decision and I am still thrilled with the results.”

Olivia Blair

“Dr. Simon at Advanced Dental Arts is, by far, the best dentist I have ever been to. I used to avoid going to the dentist, and only went when I had a problem, but Dr. Simon made me feel so comfortable that now I go even when I am not in pain.”

Linda Aiken

“Dr. Simon's professional knowledge, his concern for his patients, and the group of dental professionals he works with, all make me confident that anyone choosing him will be making the right decision.”

Howard J. Pollack

“ You truly did an amazing job and words alone cannot express our gratitude.”

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